Friday, November 03, 2006

Has to be the Brazilian Air (GNU bc readline patch)

The same day I wrote the patch for Xdialog's extra button feature (when I was in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil) I found a little bug in the GNU bc using readline.
The bug actually is very simple, there was a wrong prototype declaration of the extern function readline. The prompt argument, according to readline(3) from GNU, is a const char *, not a char *.
So bc didn't even compile if you wanted to use readline (which actually is very good). I must think that eveyone uses bc without readline, so nobody saw that error.
Anyways, I wrote the patch and send it to Phil Nelson (author of GNU bc), and he thank me for it.

I don't know when bc is gonna be updated so I don't know either when the patch will be included. So, for now, you'll have to download it from here and apply it manually.


avarus said...

hey David, are you still in BR? Would be cool to "see" you again in your channel :).

However, I like your effort in patching things to work better than expected.

Go on and make Kwort the most unique Linux distribution :).


ManuelNaranjo said...

Nomious great work :D
Saludos Manu

Yo said...

Grande che...
(y bueno, por qué en inglé?)

GGuille said...

Muy bueno tu blog mano, definitivamente de lo más brillante en el ciber espacio, pero...

¿Por qué en inglés?

Voy a juntar firmas para que empieces a escribir español (o rosarigasino) hecho y derecho.