Sunday, December 03, 2006

Kpkg and some other things

I know I haven't make a post since 2 weeks ago and I'm sorry for those who enjoy reading this things (Who's the crazy one who does it! :P), but for some reasons, people keeps comming here. Cool! :)

Ok, I just released kpkg 2.2 final version (I think it is stable enough, like always, bug reports are welcome), I've added support for more than one mirror in configuration file and of course in kpkg itself. I've removed some ugly messages (I would like to say thanks to Julio Cesar Puigpinos for pointing me out on this), also fixed some bugs in search functionality and and pkg_parse internal function when using local packages, so now it has the same behavior as installing from mirrors.
For more information you can read the Changelog included in the tarfile.

Download it from here:

I've stop using svn from berlios, since I hate svn syntax, so I'm still using berlios, but I've installed darcs in my ~ at that server so I'm using it to record all the kpkg changes to my berlios shell account. So, for now (I hope berlios install darcs as I asked) no more changes in berlios svn.

And that's all I have to say about that. :P

After two months Linux 2.6.19 has been released, so Kwort 2.2 will include it as the default kernel if no one report bugs in the package I've done. So far everyone reports it is going very stable, so excellent and good for the kernel developers.
Looks like Xfce 4.4 will be out in December 15th, so maybe we can all see Kwort 2.2 for christmas. See more about this and stay connected

I know there wasn't be too much about math around here (Actually, nothing at all :D). So, for people who speaks spanish I bring a nice weblog with lots of weirds and crazy math demostration (like 0^0=1 or 0!=1 for example) and nice methods: For those who not speaks spanish... Sorry folks, I owe you one.

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