Friday, June 22, 2007

Here we go again with margins in openbox

I wrote a patch for openbox 3.3.1 at the very beginning of the year which was rejected by the openbox leader (to me the reasons wasn't right, but it is his project :-P).
So a new release of openbox was released some weeks ago and yes, as you guess, that patch isn't compatible with the new version (3.4), so I re-wrote the patch to work.

The configuration is made in the same way as before in the rc.xml:


So, here it is, patch supporting margins in openbox 3.4:

Thanks to all the people asking me for this, as it inspiring.

This entry is dedicated to someone very important... You read this from time to time, so you know who you are. :)


Stijn said...

Hola cabrĂ³n =)

Muchos gracias!

Mauricio said...

Thanks for the patch it works great!

BTW, in the post the enclosing tag should say margins instead of margin