Saturday, November 01, 2008


Well, it's been a long time in the road since my last post here. This weblog isn't over, but I been doing a lot of things and didn't got the time to write something.

Ok, things I've been doing:
* I wrote a new network manager for Kwort 2.4.2 (I'm already working on a new Kwort version), screenshots are coming
* I also wrote a new user manager for next Kwort also. Screenshots are ON the way. :-D
* A friend of mine (Jp) is working on a new init system which is very cool, so Kwort will use it.
* Bought a pretty cool (4 cores) new computer (Desktop). I would like to thank to the people who helped me to buy my new computer with a donation. (A BIG THANKS TO YOU GUYS)
* Working... :-)

Anyways, I want here to point to two links, the first one if from my good old friend Andreas Schipplock, he made a small list of interesting links to read and/or hear. The second one is to the "Open Unix Society" which is a cool place full of documents and books for learning.

Online video lectures
Open Unix Society

Btw, I took a position at iProgrammers and I'm working at Accenture now as a Senior Programmer.

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