Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ralink usb driver and driver utility patch

Who was going to think that I would release two driver patches for two different wireless cards in a week? Not me, that you can be sure of ;)
Anyways, today a friend asked me for help to make his wireless card (A ralink usb) work... He could "compile" the driver, but he commented out some things in the code that he needed. Then the system got slow and the story kept going from bad to worse.
Ok, enough of the story... Let's go to the facts. Things that I changed and fixed with this patch:

  • Fixed: _WIN32_WINNT warnings (Let's use WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN before)

  • Fixed: DBG warning (ok, an ifdef before usage is not a bad idea ;) )

  • Changed verify_area for access_ok (Come on! that's pretty old! The driver doesn't even see that old function)

  • Added a compilation time debug system (This is why my friend came to me in the first place, then I realised the verify_area issue. The logs were huge!). To activate or deactivate it see config.h, DEBUG_NOMIUS 0 means no debuging, a number different than 0 will enable it.

  • Added stdlib.h to qhexvalidator.h in the driver utility (without it, it doesn't even compile)

  • Fix the thread issue like in the ralink pcmcia Utility driver (just like the post below this one ;) )

Download the patch from here:

Remember to set QTDIR to compile the driver utility.

A version of the driver with the patch applied can be found here:

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