Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kwort and Slackware Xfce network manager

I started this plugin as a standalone network manager for Kwort Linux. But after looking a plugin template I finally ended writing a plugin for Xfce based on Benny Meurer's example. This plugin works as a Xfce mcs plugin or as a standalone program (script).
Thanks to dialog and Xdialog with the extra button patch I wrote before, this works as a simple bash script that anyone can read. Since Kwort is based on Slackware, this plugin is compatible with both distribution as well and with any other slackware compatible distribution.

I couldn't release it before for three reasons:
1) I couldn't finish it since the Xdialog extra button patch didn't exists until I made it two weeks ago
2) I been very busy working in my job and working in Kwort since dbus and hal is really driving me crazy around Thunar.
3) I had several problems with libxfcegui with icons, since, for some weird reason, it couldn't find the themed network icon... Finally, I fixed it using pure gtk code just with icons.

Xdialog (with extra button patch) and/or Dialog
Xfce (to use it as a plugin)

As someone asked in the comments, this is how the application looks like:


Wolven said...

This sounds very interesting, I'll give this plugin a test. I've been looking for something like this for a while.

Now how about that obligatory screen shot? =)

Nomius said...

Got me there! :D

I always forget about screenshots (which is weird because I really enjoy seeing other's people screenshots).

Anyways... Added ;)

Report bugs if you find any.


diantokam said...

The page you have requested could not be found. (404)

i'm in project creating light dekstop based slackware linux (using linux-live script) and i'm very interesting trying kwort, but where is the file ?

can it run without xfce, only xdialog?