Sunday, February 11, 2007

Kwort Linux new logo

Not really programming, unix and/or math, this is like *off-topic* for this weblog, but Kwort's related, so for transition, Unix related. :D

I'm happy to announce that Kwort Linux has now a new logo.
Some weeks ago, Julio Cesar Puigpinos wrote to a mailing list the idea of create a new logo for Kwort.
Only one person sent me some sketches, and this was Fabricio Caiazza. He made two logos and sent those to me, the first one looked like a friendly ghost and the second one (a weird penguin) who was the one who won.
I would have liked to have more logos from which to choose, not because Fabricio's logo isn't nice (it is actually great btw), but the fact of having more logos means that the community wants to help. I'm not making a judgment here, maybe the community doesn't like arts, but it would be nice to get some help sometimes...

Anyways, no more talking, the logo:

In other news, Andreas Schipplock is making a new site with several languages support (I'm not sure, but I think he finished the languages support code today) for those who instead of help come with criticism and complainings about this issue (you guys know who you are, and I only feel shame for you).


Julio Cesar said...

The name of the logo is Kworty.

Anonymous said...

What the logo means exactly?