Monday, February 26, 2007

Kwort network manager 2.0 released

Has been like a lifetime since I wrote something here, sorry folks, I been studying and working a lot.

I just released knm 2.0, I tried to do this for the last two weeks, but there was some problems with releases at berlios (unless that happened when I tried to release this new version of knm).
No many improvements made, several bug fixes and some information dialogs.

You can see the release notes with the changelog here: Changelog and release notes

And you can download this new release at here: Download

In other news, Kwort 2.2rc2 have been released, check Kwort site at my right or here (Thanks to Josep Subils Rigau who keep both the domains (.com and .org) registered). Please, if you're gonna download the iso, use Andreas's (aka avarus) mirror, as it is faster.

Finally, I'm working in a patch for wavemon (, I already fixed any gcc incompatibilities but I'm still working trying to fix the ap list feature, because as it says in the source code it should be changed to the new 2.6 kernel api.

That's all for today... Stay tuned. ;)

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