Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kwort Linux (to be released) and Kpkg (released)

Kpkg 2.4 was released some minutes ago, you can download it from here:

This version is a bug fix release, now PKG_GOOD and PKG_FAIL works with upgrade as it should and I fixed a weird issue due to a scope problem in bash functions.

As usual, release notes and Changelog can be found here

That's about Kpkg. Now, let's go to the important business. Kwort 2.2 final version will be released in the next couple of hours as some bugs (I hope no more appear) were fixed. The most important upgrades of this final version are kpkg and dialog. Not important upgrades were aaa_base and freedesktop packages that were modified to avoid annoying messages during the install.

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